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The Sound Stopped Working Windows 10?


If your sound stopped working in Windows 10 try to check the following things:

1. Check volume sliders: If your recent Windows updates have caused sound problems then, you should first look at your volume mixer and see if anything has changed or not. It is because some of the sliders may have been turned down extra low and will need to be adjusted to fix your volume back.


2. Check your output device:  Don’t have any sound at all, it could be something as simple as Windows trying to output sound to an old device such as a Bluetooth speaker that’s just not turned on right now or some headphones you forgot are plugged in. Therefore, to ensure that Windows sends sound to the right device, you need to check your output device.


3. Keep checking your updates: Also regularly keep a check on new updates. And as some driver updates are a part of Windows 10 updates, some are available independently from creators such as Realtek. Therefore regularly, see both the Windows update icon and the manufacturer of your sound card to check for the latest updates.


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