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Preparing to Configure Windows Stuck

In the case of Preparing to configure Windows stuck', there are these below-mentioned things that you can do to fix it. But before that, you also need to find out the reasons behind the Windows stuck error to ease your problem, as there are so many reasons that can create such issues in your computer operating system.


1. To fix Windows stuck issue, first of all ‘Reboot’ your computer in ‘Safe Mode’ and for that, you need to switch off your O.S with the help of it. After rebooting if you’re easily able to log on to your PC then you can easily repair the issue.

2. Other than that, you can also try to undo changes that you made during the stuck update with the help of ‘System Restore’. Doing so will revert the O.S to a ‘Restore Point.’ 

3. That’s it! Now, remember to maintain your system with the help of installing an effective antivirus program and malware detector.


However, even using the above-mentioned guide, if you are still not able to fix this error then if you want you can visit the technical website in order to fix your Windows stuck issue. There you’ll all the answers related to Windows 10 Update stuck issue as well as effective solutions for the same.


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