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Mouse pointer not showing on Google Chrome, how to fix it?

It must have happened to you when you were casually surfing the web on your PC/laptop and suddenly you see the cursor disappear! What to do now? It must be irritating when the cursor is working fine for other tasks but the mouse cursor disappears when you are browsing on google chrome. 


In this article, we will try to find solutions to fix this problem.


Causes of this issue


This issue is generally experienced in the touch screen mode. It may be due to the automatic hardware acceleration options present in Google Chrome. Automatic hardware acceleration is used for accelerating the performance and increasing speed of the system. However, there are less chances this issue will arise if you are using a mouse or keyboard.


Some other reasons why you can’t see your mouse cursor on chrome are:-


  • Outdated system drivers

  •  Your PC has too much stored up cache

  • corrupt system files


How to fix this issue?


Before trying to fix this issue, you need to close all chrome tabs that are opened. You may lose some data, so it's beneficial to save your data or work which you were doing before moving forward to the next step.


Here we will discuss some of the strategies that you can use to solve the problem of mouse pointers not visible in Chrome.     


Method 1: End Google Chrome from task manager


  • Go to windows search bar, and search task manager

  • Now in the taskar, you will find Chrome, select google chrome and click on end task

  • After that, re-launch your chrome browser. The cursor will re appear in the browser


Method 2: disable hardware acceleration and then re-launch


  • Open chrome browser and then click on the Menu Icon (three dots) on the top right corner and tap on Setting

  • In settings, scroll down to advanced settings

  • Scroll down to Use hardware acceleration when available option

  • You can disable that and then enable the option

  • After that, click on re-launch

  • Now re-launch the google chrome, the issue might be resolved


These are the few ways which can help you in solving the mouse cursor disappearing problem, specially while using google chrome.




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