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How Facebook Get Hacked?

As the majority of you who use Facebook might be aware of the fact that Facebook accounts get hacked so frequently. Therefore, it is more important to know about how Facebook gets hacked so that you can avoid such things in order to prevent your account from hacking in the nearby future. 


  • Those who use the device feature that remembers the password for them i.e., ‘Password Manager’, they should know that it’s a risky situation for your account because it is possible for the hackers to hack into your password manager.
  • Another way to hack a Facebook account is by using the Keylogging virus which has been on your electronic device without your knowledge. Hackers use the keylogger virus program to record almost everything which you have on your electronic device. 
  • Also through login Facebook on a public platform can invite hackers to hack your account using a side jacking attack method. 

So, it is suggested that you keep in mind all these things to save and secure your Facebook account from hackers. 


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