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How to fix computer restarting randomly?




It must be very annoying when your computer keeps restarting randomly. You were doing some important work, you were just about to save an important file and suddenly your windows randomly restart your computer. Well, this has happened to me as well and believe me it makes you very angry, whatever the reason so be. Here, we will discuss the problems and the solutions to fix Windows 10 randomly restarting.


Fixing computer randomly restarting


1. Disable windows automatic restart feature


A common reason behind a computer's random restart is a feature you have turned on. Automatically restart feature allows your computer to restart whenever it has finished an update or feels the computer is not working properly.

To disable auto restart follow the steps below:-


  • Enter this pc/my computer in the search bar of your computer

  • Right click on my pc and go to properties.

  • Navigate to advanced system settings and then select settings in the startup and recovery row.

  • Untick the automatically restart option and click OK.


2. Disable automatic drivers update feature


Your windows 10 can also restart randomly because of an automatic driver update it wants to download. If your drivers are correctly installed, you can then disable the automatic driver feature.


Note: Drivers are important for the functioning of your PC, so make sure you update every important driver your PC windows asks.


To disable the feature, follow the steps below:-


  • Go to the advanced settings of your computer

  • Select view advanced settings from the results visible

  • After clicking that, navigate to the hardware option and click the device installation settings option mentioned there.

  • Select No ( your device might not work as expected) option and select save changes.


3. Configure the power settings


Configuring the power settings can also stop the random restart problem. Here’s how you can reconfigure the settings to fix this issue:-


  • Enter power options in the search bar of your windows

  • Now select edit power plan option in the power settings

  • Then select change advanced power settings.

  • Under the balanced (active) option, choose processor power management

  • Then select minimum processor state option and set it to 5% or 0%.

  • Click on apply and then click OK.


These are the most common windows 10 random restart problems, you can fix these by applying the solution mentioned above. 




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