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Complete Guide to Windows Defender Security Center on Windows 10?



Windows Defender is one of the best security arrangements that comes pre-installed on the Windows operating system. So, your system will stay protected right out of the box. However, it is your personal choice whether you want to install antivirus software on your system or not. 

To use the Windows defender security center on windows 10, you need to type in the security center in the windows search. Then open the first result and see what you can do with the windows defender. You will be able to scan the entire system and files present on it, and you will also be able to scan the external drives attached to your system. 

It also comes handy when changing the firewall options and settings on your system. It also has App and browser control, device security, and more. All in all, the windows defender security center is the best utility you could hope for in a barebones system. 

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