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Why I can’t access my Facebook marketplace?

If you are facing issues with Facebook market place then there could be various reasons behind the same like if there is some issue with the Facebook account you are using or if there is any issue with the smart phone application you are using or there could be many other reasons too. If you are wondering why don’t I have Facebook marketplace accessible then you just need to follow this article closely. 

Trouble shooting steps to fix the problem – 

Let us move to the methods following which you can use to settle down this issue so let us begin it without wasting any moment – 

  1. Clearing the cache and temporary data 

  • Open chrome in the computer you are using and then click on the profile picture after logging in to your account. 

  • Now you have to click on the Gmail address option from the menu and then in the settings option you have to click on the Turn off button to move to the next step to fix cant access Facebook marketplace

  • Now you need to click on the hamburger menu and move ahead to click on clearing browsing data. 

  • After clicking on all time clear all the data. 

  1. Trying a different browser for the same 

It could be possible that the issues because of which you can’t find Facebook marketplace could be because of the browser you are using so in this case you need to try a different browser for this purpose. 

  • You need to download and install another browser on your device; the browser could be of your own choice which you like. 

And then run it and visit Facebook market place from this browser and it could be now possible for you accessing Facebook marketplace and use it for you.

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