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How to fix Discord Login issues?


Discord is a well-known platform for gaming as well as for sharing things. That's why it has millions of users on its platform. As many people play games with calling and some share their data very easily. But somehow many people are facing the issue of can't log into discord. So to solve this problem read the blog carefully.


Guide to fix the discord login issue?


1. Reset Your Discord Account 

If your login or password is invalid discord then you should change your password by doing these steps :


1. Open the webpage and search for the discord login page.

2. After that, put your mail and password. Now press on the forgot password.

3. Now your email verification link will be sent. You have to click on that link and change your password.

4. By doing these processes your password will change.


2. Clear app data


Maybe your browser contains so much of the data that's why you're asking how to log into discord with username while getting errors. Then this may be one of the reasons for facing the issue. 


So to clear all your data and junk files what you have to do is:


1. Press on the setting of your in your device. 

2. Then make sure your device is connected to wifi only.

3. Now press on the I tab which will be on the side of the network.

4. Now open the IP address where you will get an option of static.

5. By doing this a new page will open and now open your discord account without any issue.


3. Discord server down 


There might be the case when the discord server is down or their site is under maintenance. That's why you are not able to do discord login with email and password


In these what you can do is open the detector that will clarify whether the discord server is down or not.


If it is then wait for some time.


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