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Why my Verizon email is not working


There might be times when you are not able to access the Verizon service, and you are unable to receive/send emails from the same. This happens mainly when your account settings are invalid. Here is a quick fix when your Verizon email is not working :

1. Start by setting up a stable internet connection, the glitch can also be because of the low network in your area.

2. Try updating the settings of your server, if it is not done then simply follow the given steps, I have also mentioned the Verizon email settings in the same give it a look as well.



  • Start by opening Firefox.
  • Hit on the menu button.
  • Choose the option and then select account settings.
  • Hit the “server settings” option.
  • Cross-check if the updated settings are right.
  • Always keep the server type as POP/IMAP and the server’s name as for POP and for IMAP.
  • Keep in mind the port number for POP is 995 and 993 for IMAP.
  • The username has to be the one mentioned in your Verizon email id and the same as the password.
  • The connection is SSL/TLS type.
  • When you are done with the above process hit the ok button and you are all set to go.


If you still cannot access the service then simply reach out to the Verizon email support team for further queries.

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