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How can you make a Facebook Business page?


Want to make a Facebook business page. Then my friend this is the best blog for you. Here you will get all step-by-step information very clearly so read the blog till the end.


Guide to make a Facebook Business page 


  • Sign in to Facebook and tap the Pages tab from the left-hand sidebar.

  • Press the green Create Page switch in the upper right corner.

  • Tap on starting a business page on Facebook "Business or Brand" or under "Local area or Public Figure," contingent upon your association type. Most entrepreneurs will choose the Business and Brand classification to zero in on advertising their items, administrations, and generally speaking brand.

  • Right your page name-this ought to be the name of your business-and business class. Your class goes about as a fundamental descriptor for what your business does. choosing a particular classification to assist with paging guests best comprehend your organization (ex: "Nail Extensions "), yet obscure classifications like "Business Service" can work assuming that no different choices suit your items or administrations.

  • Finish up by your location address You have the choice to check Don't show my location if you just need your city and state shown. This is particularly useful on the off chance that your office is your place of residence or then again if you don't permit guests.

  • Put your telephone number whenever wanted and tap Continue.

  • Follow the prompts to add your profile photograph and cover photograph. You can avoid these means or change them later, however adding these pictures will assist your business with appearing to be more real.

  • Under your page name on the left-hand side, press on Create Page @Username. This exceptional username will give you a custom URL (ex: and assist possible clients with tracking down you. All things considered, utilizing your precise organization name work most ideal when possible.

  • By doing the above steps you have made a Business page on FB.

How to fix Windows update error 0x80080008?

Updates are part of any app or site’s life cycle and same is with the Windows updates and they are for beneficial of the users and proper working of the system too. But there have been users who are facing issues after installing the latest update of windows as they are getting windows update error 80080008 message. 

Let us get to know about it and also about the ways to fix this error. You might get the error of windows update 0x80080008 when the update you are doing is either stuck or some of the files of the update are not installed correctly and downloaded correctly as well. But you do not need to panic as there is solution for every problem and hence this error update can be fixed too. 

Ways to fix windows update error 

  1. Performing SFC scan 

The users can get rid of windows error 0x80080008 if they follow the steps mentioned ad perform the SFC scan for your device. 

  • For the first go for right click and open the command prompt option from the menu. 

  • Now type the command prompt and the corrupted files will be looked for so that they can be repaired. 

  1. Restarting the windows update components 

To reset the windows update components to get rid of 0x80080008 windows 10 error the users just need to the following. 

  • Open the command prompt in administrator form and then run the commands that have been given –

  • Net stop wuauserv

  • Net stop bits 

  • Net stop cryptSvc

  • Net stop msiserver

How to fix Discord Login issues?


Discord is a well-known platform for gaming as well as for sharing things. That's why it has millions of users on its platform. As many people play games with calling and some share their data very easily. But somehow many people are facing the issue of can't log into discord. So to solve this problem read the blog carefully.


Guide to fix the discord login issue?


1. Reset Your Discord Account 

If your login or password is invalid discord then you should change your password by doing these steps :


1. Open the webpage and search for the discord login page.

2. After that, put your mail and password. Now press on the forgot password.

3. Now your email verification link will be sent. You have to click on that link and change your password.

4. By doing these processes your password will change.


2. Clear app data


Maybe your browser contains so much of the data that's why you're asking how to log into discord with username while getting errors. Then this may be one of the reasons for facing the issue. 


So to clear all your data and junk files what you have to do is:


1. Press on the setting of your in your device. 

2. Then make sure your device is connected to wifi only.

3. Now press on the I tab which will be on the side of the network.

4. Now open the IP address where you will get an option of static.

5. By doing this a new page will open and now open your discord account without any issue.


3. Discord server down 


There might be the case when the discord server is down or their site is under maintenance. That's why you are not able to do discord login with email and password


In these what you can do is open the detector that will clarify whether the discord server is down or not.


If it is then wait for some time.


Why I can’t access my Facebook marketplace?

If you are facing issues with Facebook market place then there could be various reasons behind the same like if there is some issue with the Facebook account you are using or if there is any issue with the smart phone application you are using or there could be many other reasons too. If you are wondering why don’t I have Facebook marketplace accessible then you just need to follow this article closely. 

Trouble shooting steps to fix the problem – 

Let us move to the methods following which you can use to settle down this issue so let us begin it without wasting any moment – 

  1. Clearing the cache and temporary data 

  • Open chrome in the computer you are using and then click on the profile picture after logging in to your account. 

  • Now you have to click on the Gmail address option from the menu and then in the settings option you have to click on the Turn off button to move to the next step to fix cant access Facebook marketplace

  • Now you need to click on the hamburger menu and move ahead to click on clearing browsing data. 

  • After clicking on all time clear all the data. 

  1. Trying a different browser for the same 

It could be possible that the issues because of which you can’t find Facebook marketplace could be because of the browser you are using so in this case you need to try a different browser for this purpose. 

  • You need to download and install another browser on your device; the browser could be of your own choice which you like. 

And then run it and visit Facebook market place from this browser and it could be now possible for you accessing Facebook marketplace and use it for you.

Mouse pointer not showing on Google Chrome, how to fix it?

It must have happened to you when you were casually surfing the web on your PC/laptop and suddenly you see the cursor disappear! What to do now? It must be irritating when the cursor is working fine for other tasks but the mouse cursor disappears when you are browsing on google chrome. 


In this article, we will try to find solutions to fix this problem.


Causes of this issue


This issue is generally experienced in the touch screen mode. It may be due to the automatic hardware acceleration options present in Google Chrome. Automatic hardware acceleration is used for accelerating the performance and increasing speed of the system. However, there are less chances this issue will arise if you are using a mouse or keyboard.


Some other reasons why you can’t see your mouse cursor on chrome are:-


  • Outdated system drivers

  •  Your PC has too much stored up cache

  • corrupt system files


How to fix this issue?


Before trying to fix this issue, you need to close all chrome tabs that are opened. You may lose some data, so it's beneficial to save your data or work which you were doing before moving forward to the next step.


Here we will discuss some of the strategies that you can use to solve the problem of mouse pointers not visible in Chrome.     


Method 1: End Google Chrome from task manager


  • Go to windows search bar, and search task manager

  • Now in the taskar, you will find Chrome, select google chrome and click on end task

  • After that, re-launch your chrome browser. The cursor will re appear in the browser


Method 2: disable hardware acceleration and then re-launch


  • Open chrome browser and then click on the Menu Icon (three dots) on the top right corner and tap on Setting

  • In settings, scroll down to advanced settings

  • Scroll down to Use hardware acceleration when available option

  • You can disable that and then enable the option

  • After that, click on re-launch

  • Now re-launch the google chrome, the issue might be resolved


These are the few ways which can help you in solving the mouse cursor disappearing problem, specially while using google chrome.




How to fix computer restarting randomly?




It must be very annoying when your computer keeps restarting randomly. You were doing some important work, you were just about to save an important file and suddenly your windows randomly restart your computer. Well, this has happened to me as well and believe me it makes you very angry, whatever the reason so be. Here, we will discuss the problems and the solutions to fix Windows 10 randomly restarting.


Fixing computer randomly restarting


1. Disable windows automatic restart feature


A common reason behind a computer's random restart is a feature you have turned on. Automatically restart feature allows your computer to restart whenever it has finished an update or feels the computer is not working properly.

To disable auto restart follow the steps below:-


  • Enter this pc/my computer in the search bar of your computer

  • Right click on my pc and go to properties.

  • Navigate to advanced system settings and then select settings in the startup and recovery row.

  • Untick the automatically restart option and click OK.


2. Disable automatic drivers update feature


Your windows 10 can also restart randomly because of an automatic driver update it wants to download. If your drivers are correctly installed, you can then disable the automatic driver feature.


Note: Drivers are important for the functioning of your PC, so make sure you update every important driver your PC windows asks.


To disable the feature, follow the steps below:-


  • Go to the advanced settings of your computer

  • Select view advanced settings from the results visible

  • After clicking that, navigate to the hardware option and click the device installation settings option mentioned there.

  • Select No ( your device might not work as expected) option and select save changes.


3. Configure the power settings


Configuring the power settings can also stop the random restart problem. Here’s how you can reconfigure the settings to fix this issue:-


  • Enter power options in the search bar of your windows

  • Now select edit power plan option in the power settings

  • Then select change advanced power settings.

  • Under the balanced (active) option, choose processor power management

  • Then select minimum processor state option and set it to 5% or 0%.

  • Click on apply and then click OK.


These are the most common windows 10 random restart problems, you can fix these by applying the solution mentioned above. 




Best free PC cleaners in 2021

Best free pc cleaners

Although many PC cleaners provide a free trial at the start for about 30 days you need to pay for full service and 360-degree protection. Let’s have a look at the best PC cleaners going around the trend:


  1. Avast Cleanup  

It’s one of the most commonly used antivirus not much because of its feature but because of its 30 days trial and basic protection it provides. It is the most common free PC cleaner used nowadays. However, it only provides a free trial for 30 days with limited features only. The premium pack “Avast premium” is loaded with many useful features, the price for the first year is $29 for one PC.


  1. CCleaner

This PC cleaner is rated as one of the best computer cleaners going around the globe, even with its free version, it provides much more features than many of its other competitors. It cleans your junk files, browser history, temporary files, etc. with its free version. The good thing about this cleaner is that it has a free pc cleaner basic version with lifetime validity. Its premium bundle plan costs around INR 999 for 1 year where you can connect upto 5 PCs. The basic version with limited features costs around RS 500 for 1 year.


  1. AVG Cleaner

AVG cleaner is also a very highly rated PC cleaner, it is recognized for its automatic maintenance which helps fix devices on a daily basis where you can browse, surf and play games without much lags and problems. It also has a free 30 day trial period where you can use limited features after that you will have to subscribe for the full membership. It has a premium membership cost of around RS 1200 for the first year only for a single PC.


These are the top three pc cleaners with a free version and free trial version. These are the most commonly used best free pc cleaners.


Have trouble recovering Instagram account password? The perfect solution to this issue in 2021

Recover instagram password

Instagram is possibly one of the most popular social media platforms along with probably the biggest platforms to ever exist. The login process of this platform is fairly simple as well, yet some users often forget their account passwords which can cause severe inconvenience in the overall experience.

In case you are one of those users, read this blog till the end to know how one can simply recover their Instagram password with relative ease.

Here are some simple steps that can be used to reset the password of an Instagram account with relative ease.

Steps to reset an Instagram account password

  • Open the application of Instagram on your device, to begin with.

  • From there, you will need to click on the account option that is available at the bottom right corner of your screen to access the profile page to proceed further.

  • In the next window, you will need to click on the three horizontal lines that are available at the top right corner of your screen and choose the settings option from there.

  • Now, you will need to click on the security option.

  • For the next step, you will need to click on the password option.

  • Finish the process by entering your old password and then type the new password that you want to use. Click on save to make the changes made by you permanent.

These simple steps can help users to reset their Instagram password 

For any further info or queries regarding the reset password for Instagram or on how to recover when you forgot your Instagram password, you may contact the help and support team of Instagram to get answers to your queries.


How to fix ATT email not working on iPhone?

If you are facing problems with the ATT email and it's working then you are at the right place as in this article we will be providing you with the ways to fix the ATT email not working on iPhone.

Ways to solve the problem of ATT email not working – 

  1. When you have trouble using your ATT email account then you must check the connectivity of your device on which you are using the internet. 

  2. When having troubles while using the ATT email or facing problems with emails not working on iPhone you must look into the fact that – 

  • Your email is within the maximum size of the email which means the maximum limit of the email size. 

  • That you have filled up the correct email address when you are sending the email and if the email is incorrect you will be getting a notification of a Problem found or message not sent or even failed delivery. 

  1. Another way is to follow these steps to fix up your problem of mail server not responding on iPhone by following the steps given below – 

  • First of all, you must log out of your account and then log in to your ATT email account to get rid of the temporary bugs and technical glitches that you might be facing. 

In the next step, you must check the emails in spam then to fix the problem of ATT mail not working on iPhone and you can also see the settings of the ATT mail.

How to fix spectrum email not working issue?

Spectrum mail is one of the most widely used online mail platforms used by the users but there can be times when the users can face problems with the Spectrum email like they might face problems while Spectrum login email and at other times too. 

So in this article, you will get to know about the ways which can help you to fix whatever problems you are facing with the Spectrum email account.

Way to fix the problems – 

Resetting the password 

You can the steps are given below first to mend the problems with Spectrum mail – 

  • Firstly you have to open the browser on your device and then visit the sign-in page of the Spectrum email.

  • Once you are on the sign-in page you have to now go to the password reset tool. 

  • Then click on the reset password option and then enter the email address of your Spectrum account and then select a method to reset your password. 

  • After you have done the above steps you only need to follow the instruction given on the screen to get rid of Spectrum email not working problem. 

As a user you can also try to go with the Spectrum email settings to ensure the better working of the mail.

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